start your day in balance


One of the most important ways to start a day off right???  BREAKFAST!!!

I have always been amazed by people who don’t eat it.  I had a roommate once who all of a sudden at 2 in the afternoon would say “oh my god, I just realized, I haven’t eaten yet today!”

Um hello???  My stomach is like an alarm clock.. every 2-3 hours.. it is set off.. blaring “food now!” to my brain!  What seems to make or break my choices is how I start the day.

Ever woken up and as you are making your coffee you grab a chocolate chip cookie that was made the day before to nibble on?  BAD!!!  This sets you up for craving sugar the rest of the day. (trust me, been there, done that!)

Are you a “I’ll just have a piece of toast with butter” kind of gal?  Again, BAD!  Unless you make it whole grain with a nut butter there is no nutritional value in the white toast and butter. That just sets you up for craziness later in the day.

The best way to start off with balance is to have a protein and good carb (complex) combination of sorts.  Eggs, with whole grain toast for example.  The protein and complex carbs work together to give you energy and sustain you until your next meal.  Fiber and healthy fats are also helpful in satiation and sustaining you until your next meal time.

Another good example is Old fashioned oatmeal.  The super quick cooking kind of useless  All the good nutrients have been stripped out of it for the sake of convenience.  When I am on an oatmeal kick, I will make a huge batch at the beginning of the week and then just reheat as I go.. quick and easy!  To the oatmeal for protein you can add; protein powder, nut butter  or an egg.  I have also added canned pumpkin for fiber , greek yogurt for it protein factor. Chia seeds are also a good add on.  Oatmeal is a versatile breakfast.  You could have it every morning and yet never make it taste the same as there are so many options!

Another super versatile, easy breakfast is a protein shake.  Really research the brands before you buy so you don’t end up with nothing but sugar.  There are soo many to choose from.  Isolate whey protein is usually what I go for.  With a shake, like oatmeal, you can add so many different things into it to make it more nutritious and delicious.. chia seeds, nut butter, cacao nibs, flax, frozen berries or banana, vegetables.. this list is endless.

FInally, the breakfast I have been having of late.  Before I head out with my pup for our exercise, I pop an apple in the over, cut open and sprinkled with cinnamon.  I cook it on about 375.  When I get home it is super soft and has created this yummy syrup.  I pour the whole thing in a bowl and cut it up, remove the middle.  I then add 2/3 cup of fat free greek plain yogurt , a capful of vanilla extract and 1/3 cup of granola.  OH MY GOD.. it is SO delicious and nutritious!!  I never want it to end!

speaking of breakfast,, time to go get it set and go out with sawyer.  I hope I have given some useful, quick ideas on  how to start a balanced day!  If any of you have others I would LOVE to hear them!


About livingfrombalance

I am someone who strives daily for balance in her life. I believe in living a wholistic moderate way. I love eating well, yoga, good wine, books, laughing...the list goes on. I want to share with who ever will listen the knowledge I have collected thru the years my journey with balance!

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  1. Hi Tiffany, had to pop over to your site from Kalli’s! I too am in my 40’s and trying to balance health, fitness and the occasional glass of wine! LOVE your site, I’ve bookmarked and will be back! Have a great weekend.

  2. gosh you make me wish I had leftover apples to pop in the oven….

    I have been eating low or non fat greek yogurt (plain so low sugars) with a handful of omega mix nuts (almonds, walnuts, pepitas) with dried cranberries and a little cinnamon. maybe a shake of stevia if I need a bit more sweet.

    that and one egg/egg beater over some sort of veggie/rice (brown) combo.

    seriously better than oatmeal in a packet or whatnot eh?
    apples, apples…need some apples.

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