step out of the box = elation!!


My last post was all about stepping out of your comfort zone .. trying something new.  I was going to be trying a new sport.  Known as SUP, which stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding.  I also suggested trying it with day to day things… vanilla instead of chocolate, different path to work etc.

I am here to tell you stepping out equals elation!!!  So paddle boarding…LOVE IT.  I am taking my daughters up to a lake on Sunday so we can do it together.. hopefully they will love it as well!  What a work out!  Much harder than it looks, especially if there is wind involved.   The best part is you have to be so in the moment to maintain your balance.  It gets you very zen like.  I was flying after my hour.  Can’t stop thinking about it days later!

Any of you that know me know I love another zen like activity.. yoga.  However, very few of you would know I have yet to do any inversion away from the wall.  I have let my fear of falling on my back keep me plastered or quite close to a wall.  Well, two days ago I was at the point in my practice where it was time to do a headstand.  Part of me was already moving the dog bowls away from the one part of wall space that is free..another part said “WAIT!”  step out of the box..try it right here..  SO, I grabbed another mat (for extra cushioning just incase!) set my self up… slowly drew my hips up.. lifted one leg… then another.. and.. I DID IT!!!  No falling over or anything bad!  I was so excited I almost lost my concentration which would have made me fall over, but I maintained and came down when it was time gracefully!  WAHOOOOOOO!  Again.. flying all day after that!

Yesterday, no physical challenge as far as stepping out, more a mental one.  I had a client text me at 6:45 in the a.m. to tell me she had a sick child.  She was my first of the day.  Then the texts went back and forth a few times looking for something else I didnt have.  I told her no worries and put someone else in her spot.  Then at 8:15 she said she could make it,, Normally I would start getting stressed out.. HOWEVER, I decided to handle this differently.. step out of my emotional comfort box.  I said, “great!”, contacted my other person and moved him forward a bit and continued on.  At 10 I get a phone call from work that the man (did I mention it was my ex?) had shown up at 10 and where was I?  I minutes later get a snippy text from him saying the same.  Again, this would all be building in the old me as agitation.   However, I decide to keep creating the reality that I want and respond very nicely for him to reread the text in which I wrote 10 OF 11…did not let either of these people put there stuff on me!  I kept practicing my breathing and smiling techniques.  Went to work.. had them both, everything was fine.  Then I had my most high maintenance client of all at 12:15.  She had shown up the day before a day early and is very “in my space”.  Doesn’t know boundaries and usually freaks me out to put it mildly.  I had decided I was being tested by all these people this day to see if I was learning the traits I keep asking for which are Patience, Calm, and Grounded energy.  Guess what?  I passed!   With all three of them I normally would have been an internal basket case.  By 1pm  I would have been exhausted from letting them come in and mess with my space!  However, by 1 p.m. I felt empowered and elated!   I realized that I have a choice in how I react and chose a different route with success!

I can’t wait to see where I step out today!  Where are you going to try a different route?

enjoy your weekend everyone!!


About livingfrombalance

I am someone who strives daily for balance in her life. I believe in living a wholistic moderate way. I love eating well, yoga, good wine, books, laughing...the list goes on. I want to share with who ever will listen the knowledge I have collected thru the years my journey with balance!

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  1. Fabulous job on the inversion! I have yet to do it away from the wall as well. You have motivated me! Funny thing is Bill has been practicing without a wall so now I think I will too! And good for you for handling all od the scheduling conflicts with ease 🙂

  2. WAY TO GO!!

    I LOVE posts like this. I LOVE moments like this. This empowerment will last with you for a while so build on it!

    nice job not letting others put on you their “stuff”.

    I am smiling from ear to ear for you my friend!
    have a great day!

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