Are you committed?


You do realize the answer is yes don’t you?  Probably not, I never did until recently.  I kept saying “I am going to commit to…(lose that 5lbs, save money, be a nicer person….).  Then something unexpected would cross my path, (a chocolate chip cookie, gorgeous new bag, traffic) and out the window my commitment would go!    Or I should say, my commitment to what I mentioned above.  See, we are ALWAYS committed to something, all the time.  The problem lies in us not realizing this.

If you say you are committing to the 5 lb. weight loss and then you eat a cookie (my famous path of choice), then what you are REALLY committed to is staying in the victim role of not ever being able to lose that 5 lbs.  Not ever realizing that I was making a decision when I put that cookie in my mouth to commit to keeping the 5lbs.   I would eat some of it (or all of it) and then be frustrated when the scale didn’t budge.  Berate myself, maybe eat another cookie just to get back at myself.. then start the cycle again!  CRAZY.  pure and simple.

I came across an article that stated “One way or another, you are committing to something each and every day”  That was a light bulb moment for me!  I decided to “commit” to 23 days of detox and super clean eating afterwards this past weekend.  So far, because of this realization I have been doing amazingly well.  I was in Trader Joes with my daughters on our way home from vacation, there were so many yummy looking things I could have bought, and normally would have and said “I will ration out a bite a day, just a little for the car ride etc.”  Instead  I was able to see that yes, I could have what ever it was I wanted at that moment (cookie?)  but I “CHOSE” not to.  I “CHOSE” for that day to say no and remain committed to my original intent, tomorrow would be a new day, but for this day I say, no.  I also realized no one is making me choose this way of eating,  I can go off of it at anytime.  However, while on it, I need to lose the victim mentality around not having the cookie, the “its not fair that she can eat it and I can’t”  I CAN if I want!  I am choosing to not.  Simple? yes!  Easy? not always!  Empowering?, you betcha!!

This is not just about weight loss.  Shopping anyone?  Just for today commit to NOT buying that 100th book on amazon.  Not fair that Cindy can buy it?  You can buy it, but  today, you are choosing to honor your commitment to save instead.    It will be there tomorrow!  Commit to that new healthy habit.  Let go of the “victimness” of it’s not fair that surrounds it.  It is fair , you are just making a different choice based on the results you want to accomplish.  This is a much more empowering way of approaching things don’t you think?

On Sunday, right before starting my detox I purchased a sweet little bracelet.  It is a brushed silver flower on a leather cord.  It has become my talisman of sorts.  I have decided I am not taking it off until after I am done with the detox part of my plan.  Every time I look at it I think “dig deep” .  This is giving me the strength and reminder to stick to my commitment!  When I start to feel super hungry in between meals.. I look at it, breath deeply, “dig deep” and I persevere!

What have you done in the past to help you commit to a change  in your life?

I would love to hear any comments on this post!


About livingfrombalance

I am someone who strives daily for balance in her life. I believe in living a wholistic moderate way. I love eating well, yoga, good wine, books, laughing...the list goes on. I want to share with who ever will listen the knowledge I have collected thru the years my journey with balance!

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  1. oh i am so happy for you! good for you to realize it is most importantly a committment to yourself! i am so sorry i have not answered your email but i had the worst internet connection while i was away…..i am off to answer now 🙂

  2. Love this post. It really spoke to me and was a real wake up call. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 24 hours I have been more conscious of the choices – the commitments – I made.

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