it’s all in your perspective


I have been having one light bulb moment after another!   In my last post, I wrote about commitment and the fact that it is a choice we make.

On Monday I was talking with my life coach, Ashley Turner .  We were going over some stuff in my life that I struggle with.  So she was having me do stream of consciousness work.  She would ask me a question and then I would have to write whatever came to my mind.  One question was “taking care of myself looks like”  Another was “taking care of myself feels like” .  The third was “taking care of myself reminds me of”.  My answers were illuminating to say the least!  The answer to the first was “work”   second, “a chore”  and third, “being a hamster on a wheel”.  She laughed in kind of sad way.  I didn’t really get why but let it goas we went on to the next thing.  Yesterday, I got it.. (it only took two days of perking in my system!!)  I get up very early everyday.  I meditate, exercise, hopefully some yoga, maybe journal writing or inspirational reading.  This is my routine.  This is my self-care. This is what I have been seeing as “work”  I “have to” get up and do it.  Guess what??? I don’t have to.  I could stay in bed.   I could get up and troll on-line for an hour,  I could eat crap for breakfast.  Instead, I CHOOSE good things.. I CHOOSE wellness.  How lucky am I???  My “problem” has been however, not seeing it a luck or choice.  I have been seeing it as work or a chore.

As with my last post when I wrote about making a commitment and then letting go of seeing it as “unfair”, I am starting to realize these are lifestyle choices I choose and make.  I  need to learn to be okay and happy with that!  I was making my choices and then seeing them as “unfair”!  SO twisted!  No one was holding a gun to my head and saying “you can’t eat that brownie or drink that beer, everyone else can!”  I was choosing to not.  I can eat or drink whatever I want whenever I want!  I can also stay in bed if I want or get up and do my “self-care”.  It’s up to me, and more importantly, it’s up to me to embrace what I choose!

This morning, I am starting again , (the beauty of the new day!)  I am choosing to get up early, meditate, write this post.  After that I am choosing to run, yoga and pack my healthy foods for work.  How lucky is my body for all the choices I am choosing??  How lucky am I that I have the knowledge and inspiration to choose this path instead of another?

What are some choices you struggle with and can you change your perspective and accept yourself despite your choice?


About livingfrombalance

I am someone who strives daily for balance in her life. I believe in living a wholistic moderate way. I love eating well, yoga, good wine, books, laughing...the list goes on. I want to share with who ever will listen the knowledge I have collected thru the years my journey with balance!

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  1. i can feel your pain for sure tiff. sometimes i feel life is not fair-i have a super busy time consuming job and i can’t possible exercise as much as i would like. i end up feeling sorry for myself. we must take control and control the things we know we can manage. but we also need to be kind to ourselves and let us have down times too. great post girl!

  2. I think it’s my job as well that gives me the moody blues.

    yet it’s always when I remember how very fortunate I am to be working and can help support my family that I remember it IS a choice and it’s a great one.

    I do miss my little faces so though and money is tight so it makes me “feel” like my achy heart is all in vain.

    It’s not!

    great post!!!!

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