change your thoughts, change your life!


With the season changing and leaves changing, I thought a good post would be something super relevant to me right now.. changing my perspective.

I have toyed with the idea of doing the yoga teacher training for many years now.  The thing that has stopped me time and time again was fear.  Fear of not completing, fear of no one coming to me, fear of me not being good at it and not making enough money to survive while doing it.  This was very “either or” thinking.  While I was talking with someone one day about my woes around this subject, they simply stated, “can’t you do both?”  Huh???  This was very new thinking for me.. not black and white,,,more like tan and brown.. The thoughts started swirling.. I realized I could do or be “this and that!”

When we come from a place of “either or”, we limit our selves.. we stay in our protective box.  When we look at things anew, from “this and ” we widen our perspective and soften our edges.. we see potential where we thought there was none.   I can be a hairstylist AND teach yoga part time.  I don’t have to stop doing anything,, cut back maybe, only if I want!  This took a lot of self inflicted pressure off myself and made me excited about the possibilities!

Where are you limiting yourself by the “either or??”  Where can you open up to  “this and”???


About livingfrombalance

I am someone who strives daily for balance in her life. I believe in living a wholistic moderate way. I love eating well, yoga, good wine, books, laughing...the list goes on. I want to share with who ever will listen the knowledge I have collected thru the years my journey with balance!

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