Day 2


day 2 did not go as well as day 1.. but wasn’t horrible either.  The humid weather finally broke here so I was able to actually enjoy my run.

Okay, that’s not me,,,but I can pretend I look like that running right??

Then I came home tried to do a 30 min nonstop super duper yoga flow

only made it through 20 min.. she was really kickin my arse and I think I was a little beat from the day before.  Then a meeting I was supposed to have at 9 got canceled.  That bummed me out as it was perfect hiking weather, but I had already showered and prepared for the day.  I felt guilty for not finishing my 30 min yoga so I decided to do some core fusion

again, not me…but dang it if I will end up looking like that than I will do this everyday!!  I did 2 segments, arms and thighs for an additional 20 min added to my workouts.  This is a great workout as you use small weights or your own body and do multiple reps that lean out and sculpt muscle.. its amazing how heave 3lb weights can get after 30 reps!!

Food wise:

breakfast:  my usual apple, pbutter and granola

lunch: Tuna made with greek yogurt, brown mustard and lemon on ezekial bread thin slice of cheese.  On the bread i spread some hummus and chopped artichoke hearts.  Served with baby carrots.. trying to steer away my recent and strong obsession with stacy’s pita chips.

snack: half of a jumpstarter fuel bar.

these are great little bars that are delicious and surprisingly filling.  The cranberry and chocolate are my favorites!

I had long standing plans to meet a friend for some wine at 3.  I know I am only drinking 2 glasses once a week.. so this was my 2 glasses of the week. I did have a few tortilla chips and some of this beer dip thing she ordered that was quite tasty.  SO this is why I don’t feel the day was a total success.

Dinner:  My protein/ pb flour/ banana shake.

It wasn’t a “horrible” day,,, could have been much worse, but I think I busted out of the gate Sunday with so much determination that Monday seemed kind of weak in comparison.  Today is a new day.. I have no plans involving possible alcohol and there for bad food choices until next Monday when my mother comes to visit.  Hopefully I will have a week of really good food and exercise in my back pocket to draw strength from!

on a side note… my blog friend Kalli is having a great giveaway of the delicious protein powder from GNC I have been talking about and some other goodies.. go check it out on her site!


About livingfrombalance

I am someone who strives daily for balance in her life. I believe in living a wholistic moderate way. I love eating well, yoga, good wine, books, laughing...the list goes on. I want to share with who ever will listen the knowledge I have collected thru the years my journey with balance!

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  1. thanks for mentioning my giveaway! this day is not bad at all! i look up to you because you can eat a tiny bit of something and be done. don’t try to steer away from that-i think it makes good sense and you don’t end up binging because you have withheld from somethings you really want. i would say to strive for 80 percent perfection everyday. plus you balanced out the whole day by having a shake at night-so smart. i find if i go to bed a bit hungry i have had a good day. you are doing great. don’t be hard on yourself and remember to enjoy the process 🙂 and good job on the run!!!!!!

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