E is for empower


Ever notice when someone asks you what you are doing today you say: “I “have to” go to work, or I “have to” do errands and clean the house etc?”  I noticed this today when my alarm went off and I realized I “have to” teach yoga this morning.  Immediately a sense of “ugh” came into play.  Why is that?  I LOVE teaching yoga!   It’s because I was looking at it like a “have to”, not a “get to”. So my body’s first reaction was blah.  I noticed this a year or so ago and played around with it a bit and it’ s amazing how your languaging of what you are doing plays a role in how you feel about it!  When you choose to “get to” do something, you are coming from an empowered place,, one that lends it self to  a more positive mindset.  Instead of “having to” mow my lawn, I would say.. I am so lucky I “get to” mow my lawn.  NO, it didn’t make me love mowing my lawn.. but it had me doing it from a more positive place since I could realize how lucky I am to have the options of actually doing it.  (a lawn, a mower, an able body).  Plus, I really didn’t “have to” do it…. I could instead let the grass grow really long or pay someone else.. but instead I chose the empowered choice.. I “get to”.

When you realize everything you do is a CHOICE you can move from “have to” to “get to”.  You really don’t “have to” go to work.  You could call in sick or quit!  So if you go it’s because you “chose to”.. which means you “get to”.  Really, how lucky are you that you have a job!  You “get to” get paid!  Or how about moving from I “have to” exercise today?  You could stay in bed, or choose to lay on couch today.. but you “choose to” exercise and your body “gets to” reap the benefits!! Again.. how lucky are you?  You  are not bed ridden!  The “have to” mentality is one of resistance.  This is just a habit in our brains that needs a bit of adjusting.  First try noticing where you are “having to” .. then try replacing it with a “yippee!! I get to!!”  See if you notice any shift in your body.. play with it, have fun!  It might just become a new habit for you!

Gotta go,, I “get to” teach yoga today!


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